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We are the

community you've been looking for.

Are you a current or former CMO? 

Are you a head of a marketing department?

No more boring conferences.

We've banished the dull, uninspiring conference rooms and created gatherings for marketing leaders that are truly exceptional. Inspiration often dwells in the unlikeliest of places and voices. Boring conferences in windowless ballrooms are a thing of the past, replaced by active gatherings and immersive adventures that rekindle the spirit of creativity, competition, and innovation. Join the team where marketing transcends the ordinary, touching not just strategies but the very essence of our hearts.

Image by Geronimo Giqueaux

Marketing on a Mountain

Argentina  |  May 2024
Included in your membership

Marketing on the Mediterranean

Croatia  |  Oct 1-5, 2024
Included in your membership


As a CMO, our scope is ridiculous. Is there any other C-suite role that has to understand such a broad span of knowledge? From data to branding. From finance to demand gen. From AI to RevOps. From events to procurement. It's no wonder we're stressed out and lonely.


We looked across the CMO community marketplace and found some incredible places to connect, converse, and get great content. But you know what was missing? A little adventure and a little competition. 

Why do all the CMO events have to be stuffy and boring and set in windowless ballrooms? We don't get our inspiration from a PowerPoint, and we're betting you don't, either. 

So anchoring on adding a little excitement back into your strategic portfolio, we invite you to join us in Team CMO. 

Elevate your game.
Embrace the adventure.

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