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Welcome to the Team CMO professional hub. Hop in!

Free Community

Open to marketers and the ecosystem that supports them, the free community gets you access to Team CMO content like The CMO Show with Kate Gunning, the Chief Marketing People Newsletter, and invitations to special events.


Paid Membership
  • The ultimate access to the marketing hive mind

  • Access to exclusive CMO-only roundtables

  • Monthly member virtual campfires, called C'MOres

  • Invitations to our Chief Marketing People Summit and Parties

  • Regular CMO Reports for the pulse of the marketing industry

  • Choose from the following marketing opportunities:

    1. Host a CMO Roundtable​

    2. Sponsor a CMO Report

    3. Sponsor 4 episodes of The CMO Show with Kate Gunning

    4. Select a consulting project 

      • Culture & Cohesion​

      • Skills Gap

      • Experiential

      • Community

    5. Join a CMO Sounding Board, a 6-month peer-to-peer council

    6. Have 3 team members join the 3-month-long Marketing Masters Council​


Annual membership is $10,000.

Only CMOs and heads of marketing are granted access to Team CMO. Fractional CMOs may be granted access with the express understanding that this is a sales-free community. 


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