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Our True North

As a CMO, our scope is ridiculous. Is there any other C-suite role that has to understand such a broad span of knowledge? From data to branding. From finance to demand gen. From AI to RevOps. From events to procurement. It's no wonder we're stressed out and lonely.


We looked across the CMO community marketplace and found some incredible places to connect, converse, and get great content. But you know what was missing? A little adventure and a little competition. 

Why do all the CMO events have to be stuffy and boring and set in windowless ballrooms? We don't get our inspiration from a Power Point, and we're betting you don't, either. 

So anchoring on adding a little excitement back into your strategic portfolio, we invite you to join us in Team CMO. 


Elijah May



Liz Lathan

Chief Community Officer


Kate Gunning

Host of The CMO Show


Nicole Osibodu

Chief Event Officer

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